Don't throw that Propeller Away! Let Us Fix It!

At Port City Propeller Service, we can fix almost any propeller. Depending on our workload, we can usually get your propeller repaired within a week. Of course this can vary from time to time but we will get it repaired and returned to you so you can get your boat back in the water as soon as possible. We can make modifications to your propeller giving it more speed than it had before or we can simply correct the problem and return it to it's original specs and balance. We offer high quality workmanship and quick personal service - We know how important being on the water is to some people - because we love it too!

Outboard/Stern Repair:

*Prop Repair - depends on workload (turn around 3 - 7 days)  

*Props re-hubbed - 1 day turnaround
*Machine Shop

Port City Propeller Service is a charter member of the National Marine Propeller Association as well as a Mercury Quicksilver, Power Tech, Turbo, & Solas Propeller dealer.

High Performance Modifications!

High performance modifications means more RPM's and MORE SPEED!

Additional Repairs:
Check with us for prices
Pitch changes
Diameter Reduction
Blade Thinning
Modify - Blueprint

Guaranteed Repairs!

All Port City Props repairs are guaranteed to run close to new, if not better!

Prop Repair Prices
Outboard/Stern Drive - retail prices

Diameter Alum Satin Buff or Painted Steel Polished Stainless Steel
Thru 9 3/4 $40.00 $68.00
10 - 11 $48.00 $88.00 $128.00
11 1/4 - 13 1/4 $58.00 $112.00 $162.00
13 1/2 - 15 3/4 $68.00 $130.00 $175.00
16 - 17 3/4 $85.00 $160.00

5 Blade Props - $205.00

We also do inboard props up to 20" diameter.
Call or Email for a Price Quote.

Additional Charges:
4 blades - $15.00
All Weld net extra - time and material basis
18 and Over -- Quotation


Hub Replacement Prices:

Some Props May Have Additional charges
C - series Volvo Duo D and F - series Volvo Duo
Call for a Quote!
Hub Replacement:
Hub Only
thru 20 HP
21 - 50 HP
51 - 115 HP
V6 - V8
Outboard & Stern Drives  
Volvo Long & Short   $90.00
Volvo Duo B & C   $110.00

Volvo D & F Series - Call for Quote.
*NOTE* Old or miscellaneous hubs may have different pricing. Call for quote.
Repair service on hubs - 1 day.

We take trade-ins for new props!


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